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Welcome to the Academy of Nutritional Medicine - an international interdisciplinary forum for advancing nutritional medicine. Our principal aims are:


• Working towards the integration of conventional and complementary medicine

• Bringing together academic expertise in nutritional medicine

• Providing high-quality information on new developments and therapeutic approaches in nutritional medicine to both practitioners and the public

• Offering a multidisciplinary clinic to patients so they can benefit from our combined expertise




Our approach is to combine the skills of nutritionists and other natural therapists with those of medical doctors. We want to make widely available what we feel is the best treatment for different conditions. This includes established practice as well as new developments in the field of nutrition and other disciplines.


We strive for interdisciplinary exchange at regular meetings of nutritional therapists/naturopathic doctors (NDs) and medical doctors (MDs), where client cases are presented and discussed, both in person and via video-conference.

Patients can be confident that their practitioners always have the entire AONM network behind them, and that their cases will be discussed (anonymously and confidentially) in the wider group wherever the practitioner knows that this could be of benefit to the patient. This ensures that every patient receives truly integrated treatment.


We hold specialist training sessions with NDs, MDs and lab experts where various tests are interpreted from an integrative perspective, such as haematology and biochemistry blood tests, thyroid function tests, cortisol/DHEA, hormone panels, and ATP/mitochondrial profiles.



For information about the third and latest major conference on chronic diseases Lifting the Veil III - ANSWERS Stepping Outside the Box, held on 15th May 2016 including slides presented by speakers, click here.

See below for more information on Lifting the Veil I and II.


Upcoming events:


26 NOV 16



Natural Therapies for Chronic Illness with Judy Rocher



Judy Rocher, Education and Training Manager at Rio Trading Company, will deliver an interactive workshop to provide the most up-to-date nutritional and herbal protocols for Lyme Disease and its co-infections.

Designed specifically for nutritionists and health professionals, but accessible to patients and carers, this instructive course will lead you through a holistic approach to treating Lyme and associated infections to ensure you get the best outcome for your clients including:

  • The Cowden Protocol (full and condensed)

  • The Buhner Lyme Protocol

  • The Fred Kuipers Protocol

  • as well as protocols from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, and Dr. Richard Horowitz


Attendees will learn about the difficulties with conventional Lyme treatments, and will learn practical information on how best to help their clients. They will develop their ability to distinguish between different types of Lyme disease and recognise which areas of the body are most affected by Lyme, enabling them to adjust the protocols and achieve improved results. Areas covered will include Neuroborelliosis, Lyme arthritis, eye involvement, tingling/numbness and more.
Special guest speaker to be announced soon.

Tea & coffee, still & sparkling mineral water, whole fruits & snacks, nuts, dried fruit and seeds available on arrival, at registration, and during morning break.
Also includes a delicious light buffet lunch with gluten free options.

Please complete Eventbrite registration
or contact us at info@aonm.org for email application and other payment options.

This event is designed primarily for healthcare professionals and complementary practitioners, but will be accessible to patients & carers who would like to further their knowledge on lyme protocols. CPD accreditation has been applied for.





Hosted By the Academy of Nutritional Medicine (AONM)


Sponsored by Rio Trading Company





For more information on Lifting the Veil I – Infectious Pathogens & Their Role in Chronic Disease, March 8th 2015 including slides presented by speakers, click here.


 For more information on Lifting the Veil II - Chronic Diseases, What's Really Going On?, November 15th 2015 including slides presented by speakers, click here.


DVDs and Handout from the ACUMEN seminar are now available for purchase

Two excellent quality DVDs are now available with the full contents of the ACUMEN seminar held last September by Dr. Charles Forsyth.


These tests for mitochondrial function and toxicological status are described in detail, with background on their relevance for therapy. An in-depth handout (including three test cases) with 150 pages is also provided.


Cost: £55 (DVDs and handout), or £40 (DVDs only)


Please contact info@aonm.org to purchase a copy.




Let food be

thy medicine and medicine be thy food